Why Mallorca?


The island of Mallorca is undergoing a process of conflict and change. The six studies we offer are at the heart of current debates related to society, the economy and the environment. Academics, politicians, activists, business people, residents and visitors are all stakeholders with conflicting interests. As a result, Mallorca is a fascinating place in which to conduct fieldwork.

In addition, many students (or their families and friends) will have visited the island for a holiday without having been aware of these issues. Carrying out fieldwork in such a well known environment, will enable them to learn about the role of the geographer and compare that with the approach of the tourist.

Mallorca is large enough to provide a wide range of field study options yet small enough to ensure that all field study sites are less than one hour by coach from hotel accommodation.

There are also cheap flights to the island from all over Europe due its popularity as a holiday destination.